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Aged for 16 months in oak, our reds are now ready to be purchased and ready to drink Friday, April 21st!



                 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon (R.S. 0.1%)                       
Ripe raspberry up front, with creamy vanilla flavors lingering in the finish. Barrel aged for 16 months
                       2015 Malbec (R.S. 0.2%)                                           
An exceptionally rare find in the Finger Lakes. Estate grown fruit, with hints of clove and nutmeg. Barrel aged for 16 months.
      2015 Syrah (R.S. 0.2%)  
          Warm and smooth, with notes of blackberry and peppery spice. Velvety tannins and a full mouthfeel throughout
              2015 Cab Sauv * Syrah * Malbec (R.S. 0.2%)                        
GOLD MEDAL – ’16 NYS Fair:  A trilogy of three prestigious estate grown grapes. (64% Cabernet Sauvignon/26% Syrah/10% Malbec) Black pepper, vanilla, & spice against a dark berry finish, Barrel aged for 16 months


 Wine Pairing Dinners

 Have you ever tried a wine-pairing dinner? This is a wonderful way to taste our wine and pair it to our tasty food. This is a fun and intimate way to not only drink wine but have some laughs, enjoy a 4-course meal, and meet new people. We have our Wine Pairing Dinners the last Thursday of every month with hand picked wines that match perfectly with coursed meals. Reservations are required, we are limited to only 60 guests!



Thinking about booking an event?

The Thirsty Owl Saratoga is a spectacular location for your special event, whether big or small, we cater them all! We have private rooms for dining and/or wine tastings. Our chef and management team will happily work with you to create a custom experience that is as entertaining and unique as your group of friends, family, or co-workers.

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Email: lyndsey@thirstyowlsaratoga.com

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